Greg Ogden, Author, Husband and Speaker

The Power of Threes

by: Greg Ogden

One of the most powerful discoveries I have made in ministry is that size matters. It matters greatly. Over 20 years ago I stumbled onto groups of three or four (triads/quads) as the most effective way to create a transparent, reproducing, relational environment for transformation into Christlikeness.

Transformation is result of a combination of at least three factors.

  1. Relational Transparency: Our willingness to become self-revealing with other believers on the journey toward maturity in Christ (horizontal) is the critical sign that we truly want the Lord (vertical) to remake us into His image.
  2. Truth in Community: If we want the Scripture to become more than compartmentalized information, we must study, meditate and memorize the Word in a relationally interactive setting.
  3. Life-Change Accountability: We need partners on the journey that will not only witness that we have filled in the blanks of our discipleship manual, but know the struggles we fight to overcome and loving stand with us as we live into a new reality.

When you consider the above ingredients, they require a setting where deep trust can lead to openness; there is considerable opportunity to share insight and application of God's word; and where you are known in your shortcomings and are loved beyond them. In my experience this does not happen once you get five or more people in a small group. It can and does happen in the dynamic interchange of these smaller, reproducible units.

Then add to discipleship the vital ingredient of multiplication, you will find that the traditional one-to-one understanding of disciple-making generally has had a fatal flaw. The traditional one-to-one discipling relationship in my experience creates a hierarchical teacher-student relationship that leads to dependency which inhibits multiplication. On the other hand, triads/quads create a relational peer environment of mutual exchange that puts everyone on a similar level. Put a transferable curriculum into the relational environment and then you have the components for empowering disciples to become disciplers.

This site is dedicated to the promotion of the power of triads/quads.